The Natural Cure for Depression

Updated: Jul 23

Note: This article was written in 2017 after a traumatic brain injury. It was updated today on July 23, 2021, to make sure all links are working and to update the info presented in Dr. Rostenberg's blog essay.


Yep. I said it. CURE. I never woulda thunk it, but after months of trial and error and a staggering amount of research, I stumbled upon a natural course of supplements that has worked to cure my major depressive disorder, which was accompanied by intense anxiety. Since I started the regimen in 2017, I have been depression-free.

As a quick background, I have suffered with clinical depression on and off since I was a young teenager, with one major bout in 2004 and the second in 2017 after a traumatic head injury. Because I also have a blood clotting disorder, it seems that any med I take for anything at all causes side effects, and that includes antidepressants. In 2017, I stumbled upon two