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Welcome to my world! My name is Mary Ann, and I live in Hoboken, NJ. I've been doing all kinds of creative endeavors in recent years, but right now? I'm shocked and thrilled to be making music again! In fact, it's taken over so much that my art school, Art and Soul School, is on hiatus. (Be sure to download all your classes just in case something changes with the school host.) I'm still writing in my blog, though, which I doubt will ever stop. And the free art tutorials are still on my YouTube art channel.



There's no question that I've the affliction known as "shiny object syndrome," meaning as soon as my attention turns to something new, I want to do it. I've been warned that this is no way to live, as then nothing gets accomplished.

So I try my best to stay focused, but it's useless. I love everything I do, so all areas of my life will 


simply grow slowly. Maybe it means they won't grow at all, but clearly I've no control over that. Inspiration is a demanding taskmaster!

My life has been a challenging one, as I have a blood clotting disorder, which has caused a lot of trouble in every way possible. In fact, it caused me to walk away from music for over 15 years, but now it seems I'm back. Oddly, it was something about creating Art and Soul School that inspired me to write music again. So instead of having just a YouTube channel for art, I also now have one for music. Anyone who has built just one channel will tell you how challenging it is. Try building two!

Over the years, I've worked at many jobs, mainly as a freelance writer for all types of magazines and newspapers. I also once had an Etsy shop that sold about 450 different items that featured my art. But now I'm all about my music again, and who ever truly forgets their first love? Hard to fathom how I could be happier about it.

In my previous music incarnation, I put out two well-received albums, Daddy's Little Girl and My Life of Crime. You can listen to them (and buy!) right on this site (under the music tab), or find them at your favorite digital outlet. The reviews for them are also under the music tab, but that's the old form of social proof, right?

I had no idea that I would fall in love with music again this hard. We never know what's around the corner!

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