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Yes! I've started creating videos, now collected on my new YouTube channel, titled "Mary Ann Farley Art." I've just begun posting time-lapsed art tutorials, but also commentary videos about living with chronic pain. What's the connection? While the tutorials are standalone videos for everyone, it's my fervent hope to get those suffering with pain and illness (like me) CREATING!  

Very soon, I'll be posting the long-form version of these art tutorials on Teachable.com, where you'll be able to see a painting created in real time with step-by-step instructions. The first long-form tutorial is almost actually completed, so stop by frequently for updated info! (For your convenience, all YouTube videos are posted on this page, as well as in my blog.

The Royal Bunny -- My first mixed-media tutorial, as a 20-minute timelapse. Long-form version coming soon!

Child Abuse and Pain -- I intuitively knew it was true, but the science backs it up: child abuse, neglect or trauma can  cause chronic pain and illness in adults.

Chronic Pain: Wanting That Happy Ending -- The film "Rocketman" inspired this talk, as it finishes with such a happy ending, something every chronic pain patient longs for.

How to Use Watercolor Crayons -- This video was at first a private video showing my 14-year-old niece Catherine how to use watercolor crayons. Then I realized it was good info for anyone wanting that info. But the entire video is me talking to her personally, which is kinda cute. 

One-Minute Art Tutorial -- This is a simple, super-fun one-minute timelapsed video of me creating an image from start to finish. People loved it!

Sneak Peek! This is a one-minute video showing how I begin the eyes in this new tutorial, coming early December!

Snaek peek into my new tutorial!