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I've now got TWO new YouTube channels. Be sure to become a subscriber to each to see all the new art tutorials at Mary Ann Farley Art and all the new music at Mary Ann Farley Music. (While I record my new songs, I'm doing lyrics/animation videos of my older tunes. Join me!)

Want the long-form versions of my art tutorials? Join me at my new Art and Soul School!  Here's my latest class for "The Sorrowing," which features a free video on how to draw face guidelines. The full class offers 90 minutes of instruction!

My Parody Commercial -- OMG, this was such fun. I've been let loose now on a video editing program, so once I got the idea for this, it had to be made. And I dragged my friends into it, 'natch.

How to Paint Loosely -- This is my newest art tutorial on YouTube! Whether you're a beginner or have been painting for awhile, I'm pretty sure you'll learn a few new tricks!

Be sure to check out the free preview video, "Some Quick Face Guidelines," at my long-form painting course for "The Sorrowing" (the name of this painting) at Art and Soul School!

Blindsided -- While I'm writing and recording new music, I've started making videos for my older songs. It's just simple animation right now, with lyrics. Enjoy!

The Royal Bunny -- My first mixed-media tutorial, as a 20-minute timelapse. Long-form version coming soon!

Snaek peek into my new tutorial!

Sneak Peek! This is a one-minute video showing how I begin the eyes in "The Sorrowing" video tutorial, just released 3/20!

One-Minute Art Tutorial -- This is a simple, super-fun one-minute timelapsed video of me creating an image from start to finish.