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All the Little Things That I Misplaced (POEM)

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Here in this tower

There's a wilted weathered flower

Time is running out to recover

"Deer Me," acrylics on muslin, 2019.

The water in the vase

Has turned into malaise

My body as it fails becomes another

Things are getting stranger

It's clear that I'm in danger

And I cannot recognize my own face

A puzzle still in pieces

Tucked inside the creases

Of all the little things that I misplaced

Time is running empty

It twisted and it bent me

I try to straighten out but I'm undone

I climb down from the tower

If it all lasts just an hour

Don't look behind

There isn't time

Just run

(c) Mary Ann Farley 2019

#poetry #poem #illness #whenlifegetsscary

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