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A Problem for the Team (POEM)

Updated: May 18, 2020

The clock is ticking

A line for infusion

The room is still

There is a delusion

that sets in, I'm drifting off

I slide, I sleep, I dream, I cough

Or so I'm told

I'm not like most

I hear the whispers

"She's as white as a ghost"

Flowers experiment from about 2015

Eleven p.m. and the hall goes dim

Ever changing rooms

I'm not sure I'm in

the same room as I was yesterday

But no matter, I'm here to stay

for awhile

They change my clothes

like I'm a child

What is your name? I'm not like most

"Good God," he says

"She's as white as a ghost"

Emergency rooms

The nurses--they appear

to be a bit alarmed and

I suspect it isn't clear

Just what it is that they should do

I'm bleeding out, I'm bleeding through

the starchy sheet

so very clean

It's a problem for the team

What do we do? We do we do?

She's bleeding out

She's bleeding through

Intubate, calculate, resuscitate, restraint

Hold her down



Then wait

The clock is ticking

A line for sedation

The room is still

And a tiny elation

sets in, before I sleep

I try to turn, but I'm so weak

I feel so cold

The whispers all around

I feel so cold

The beeping...that sound

I feel so cold

I'm awake...almost

"You've survived," he says

"But you're as white as a ghost"

(c) Mary Ann Farley 2019

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Mary Ann Farley
Mary Ann Farley

Again Randi, thank you. That poem was hanging around in an old notebook for a long time. I've got a bunch like that, stuffed here and there. Thank you for reading!


So raw, and beautifully written. Wow.

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