It's a super creative time!
New music! New art! New tutorials! Please join me!

Want to get creative yourself? Take my free art tutorials! Just provide your email address on the above form and you'll be the first to know when a new class is up! Of course, if the free YouTube versions leave you craving for more, the real-time full classes go up at Art and Soul School at least twice a month, so you're covered! 


I'll also soon be making free process videos of how I make music, AND I'll be showing how I create my new music videos! Lots of new songs are being recorded as I write this, so as a stall tactic to keep you juiced while I slave away on new tunes, I'm making animated music videos of my older songs. :) Fun!

Yep--whether it's coronavirus cabin fever, some kind of hypomania attack, or the gods are just smiling upon me, it's a super creative time for me these days! Please sign up and join me!

My new music video for "My Bare Hands."

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