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Seventh Grade (New Poem)

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

It was seventh grade, and the boys I knew

Danato, Brian, Eddie, George and Jude

They became my crew, but not before

They teased me at first for a bra that many tissues

"Achoo, achoo,"

they laughed and said,

They pointed and knew

I was filled with dread

That they were my new monsters

That they were my new hell

But instead something else

A crew began to gel

Pencil pushers in the ceiling

And spitballs at the board

When the teacher wasn't looking

Or he maybe just ignored

The nightmare he created

for himself, this mighty crew, of

me, Danato, Brian, Eddie, George and Jude

I had become someone else, I could see in their eyes

The darkness for so long began to subside

and the new took over, I was confident and lean

An 85-pound girl, who took on the mean

The girls, from the projects

I arm wrestled them down,

I stared into their eyes, look at me now

Look at me, look at me

I can tell that you see

I'm a leader before you

None more surprised than me

I was home at last

In from a cold

That I'd known since birth

And would have grown old

with those same beliefs if not for my crew

of Danato, Brian, Eddie, of George and of Jude

Every day the class voted on who should stay after

We were always the winners, a detention of laughter

and proof ever more, that I was more than my home

So angry, so haunted, the cult of the alone

But detention was proof

That I was strong and I was brave

Those boys and me and the way we behaved

Such innocence and mischief, so wrong and so right

I reflected in their eyes and I saw my light

in so many places that I long thought dead

Locked away, forgotten, the cult of the unsaid

But they brought me to life, my darling crew

My Danato, Brian, Eddie, my George and my Jude

But fires go out, and the next year came

Homerooms shattered and we all had changed

Puberty took over, they were pulled from the root

Victims of hormones that rendered them mute

And my broken heart resided once more and was done

in those dank dark halls, the cult of the nun

Where the girls from the projects now took drugs and had sex

Thirteen years old and living for the next

big high, big fight, big hurt, big fall

I wanted to go back, arm wrestle them all

I missed them, I missed them, and I missed my crew

of Danato, Brian, Eddie, of George and of Jude

But that's how life goes, these beacons of light

Drift in and out, here then take flight

Yet their ghosts remain, in my head and my heart

They saw me once

And I began to start

The music they brought that enveloped my soul

The cult of the alone now became the whole

As I sang and I performed and became the start of me

All because of them and what they could see

I can hear them still, in the wind and in the leaves

All because of what started with a fake little sneeze

Do you remember me boys?

That was love we knew

My dear Danato, Brian, Eddie, my George and my Jude


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