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Six Exciting Benefits of Living With Bone Marrow Cancer

I've been writing some humorous posts for my Myelofibrosis support group on Facebook. Even tho you don't have the illness, you'll still get the inside jokes, I'm sure... :)


In my continuing efforts to be an optimist as I go through this miserable myelofibrosis existence, I decided to make a stop on Gratitude Street today and mull over the actual POSITIVES of living with MF. Here are the Top Six benefits of living with a bone marrow cancer so rare that it affects only 17,000 Americans each year. Or is that number global? I forget...who cares! Let's go!

1. Less laundry! Since I sleep pretty much around the clock, I'm not only in my pajamas all the time but I'm often in the SAME pajamas all the time, thus creating less laundry, which means a better environment for all!

2. Fewer dishes! Since I'm often too tired to cook or even eat, I don't have those pesky plates and glasses constantly building up in the sink. This means using less water, less detergents and a better environment for all!

3. I'm a new sleeping place for my cat. That's sweet Olive has found a human cushion to sleep on as I can never stay awake, so I'm always available for either a short nap or a long snooze! No effect on environment.

4. Less channels needed on TV! All my sleeping means I can never binge a TV show. I'll start with episode one then find myself waking up in episode six. That means I can watch it again at no extra cost! Environmental effects questionable.

5. I've learned the word "telemedicine." Why get out of my dirty pajamas when I can look like crap in front of my MPN specialist on Zoom from the comfort of my own home? This means less gas, less car exhaust and an earth that's still heating up regardless, ensuring environmental disaster within 200 years. Go MF!

6. I'm living a crash course in existentialism! Why read books on philosophy, spirituality and the afterlife when I can listen to the constant existential chatter in my head 24/7?! I love that phrase "Why me? Why you? Why anyone?" when I'm feeling scared shitless about my future. And I mean that literally. Anxiety is a great laxative! And what comes out of me is 100 percent organic! Could this all get any better?

So when your feeling depressed when you see your numbers go kablooey AGAIN, there are still so many things to be grateful for! There are certainly more than six benefits but I was too tired to write them down.

This wore me out. I need a nap.


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