UPDATE 10/27 -- Wow! Two new videos releases this week! I could NOT be any more excited about "My Country"! While the song is a meditation on the anxiety and the losses we're all experiencing right now, the video is my love letter to America (and to my late mom). 

Also timely is "A Problem for the Team," which is a true story about an emergency room trauma.


And until I get my new music site set up, I'm also announcing my new free art tutorial on YouTube. Learn how to do a 3/4 face of a whimsical girl using chalk pastels!


I'm always surprising my patrons of all levels, like today offering a full-length (but timelapsed) version of "Le Cirque Maritime," created just for them!

Subscribers at $10 per month now get a free class like that every month, but once in a while, my $1.00 supporters get that perk too! Join me!

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