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My first AI portrait. I hate admitting how much

I like it. No suit and tie were required, I don't own those glasses, nor do I have any hair at the moment.

Pretty sweet!

Fox with Balloons

What I love most about writing songs is that they're the soundtrack of my life. Each one of us is living a grand, epic story of love, loss, joy and sorrow, and songs are the way some of us try to make sense of it all. They're moments of pause where yours truly, as the main character in my own epic tale, reflects on what has just occurred and tries to find a tiny sliver of light and meaning, which then goes on display in a (hopefully) catchy tune.


In my happy songs, there's always a tinge of melancholy, and in my sad songs, there is always a glimmer of hope. It's striking that delicate balance of poignancy that makes it all such a thrilling ride. Welcome to my story!

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Latest music and video release, "Monster."
Tree Pattern

What I'm Doing NOW

Every independent musician around the globe has most likely heard the name Derek Sivers at some point, but if not, then they've definitely heard of his brainchild, CD Baby, which was the very first distributor created specifically for independent musical artists. Thank to Derek, no longer did solo artists or bands have to grovel at the feet of record companies in order to get their work hosted on all of the web's digital platforms. CD Baby now did that for us, and in the beginning, even sold our phyiscal CDs via mail order!

Derek sold the company quite a few years ago, but I remain on his email list as I just love his books, his newsletters, as well as his simple everyday ideas, like what you see here...a "What I'm Doing Now" section that will soon become its own page, simply called "NOW." While it seems almost too simple of an idea (yet one, of course, I'm stealing), the more I think about it, the more excited I get about its possibilities.. Let's give it a spin!

Me, NOW.

  • I'm back on the cancer med, Ojjaara, even though I swore I was off it for good. While it's supposed to make me feel better, it only makes me sicker, so I enjoyed my two-week break from it. But during that time, I realized I was on nothing at all, and that's a freaky place to be when one has this rare leukemia. Ojjaara does control my counts, and while it won't slow disease progression, it might give me a bit more time. So I'm back on it...for now. And I feel awful. Jesus... How the hell did I end up HERE? It's creepy to even have to think like this! As I said above (although a bit more cheerfully), welcome to my story.
  • I finally booked my July 28 Amtrak ticket to Rhode Island to visit my dear friend Lynda for five days. I also scheduled my friend Jon to come and sleep at my apartment to take care of Olive. That's how much I love this cat. God forbid someone only comes in to feed her while I'm away. Jon's in for a treat, though. Olive LOVES the smell of men. Then again, maybe his stay will be torture. Fingers (and paws) crossed!
  • A thunder storm has just begun. I love extreme weather. LOVE it.

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