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UPDATE 3/20 -- Stuck in the house? Luckily, three new videos went up this week!--a music video, a parody commercial and my new art tutorial, all free! More info is HERE.

Hi! I'm Mary Ann.

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I'm a painter, singer/songwriter and writer, and now I'm offering online art tutorials, both on YouTube and at my new Art and Soul School! I've also started writing music again, which I'll be featuring on my new YouTube music channel. Until the new songs are up, I'll be making new lyrics/animation videos for my older songs. Please visit my channels and SUBSCRIBE for all the latest additions!  As I live with chronic illness and chronic pain, it's truly my goal to help anyone on a rough path--be it physical, emotional or both--find release in creativity, whether it's through art, writing or song. Let's get started!

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