UPDATE 7/22 -- Check out the new "Le Cirque Maritime" art course at Art & Soul School, just posted! Join me to create this awesome sea circus, featuring an adorable purple octopus! 


SNEAK PEEK -- Take a peek at this three-minute preview of the new art tutorial "Le Cirque Maritime!" The longer timelapsed version is on YouTube and the real-time version (which also features additional classes) is on Art & Soul School! Keep apprised of ALL my new videos on my new video page!  See you there!


Join me for a little tour of my studio! You'll see a sneak peak of the painting "Le Cirque Maritime," plus see all the supplies (and music gear) I stuff into this tiny space! Welcome. :)

Hi! I'm Mary Ann.

Welcome to my site! Here's a blurb about me, written in third person, as then I don't feel like I'm bragging so much:


Mary Ann Farley does a lot of stuff in Hoboken, NJ. She’s just started posting art tutorials on YouTube and Art & Soul School, deluding herself that she can teach something, then realizing she’s purchased art courses much worse than hers. She has also started writing pop songs again after a brief and relaxing 15-year hiatus, which will soon appear on her new YouTube music channel, where she has just started posting new music videos of her older songs. Most interruptions have been due to her blood illness and chronic pain, which she says is always fodder for the creative spirit, provided she can stay awake. She tries to keep up with it all on her web site.


I'm always surprising my patrons of all levels, like today offering a full-length (but timelapsed) version of "Le Cirque Maritime," created just for them!

Subscribers at $10 per month now get a free class like that every month, but once in a while, my $1.00 supporters get that perk too! Join me!

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