What I Share With Caroline Guiliani

Updated: Mar 7

This week, the daughter of Rudy Guiliani, Caroline Rose, posted an article in Vanity Fair to encourage readers to vote for the Biden/Harris ticket. That was the headline, but it was the bulk of the story that got to me, as Caroline Guiliani has a carbon copy of the toxic relationship I had with my own father, who passed away in August of old age. He was 89, and when my mother died two years ago, he never got out of bed again and basically waited for his heart to stop. He was already very ill when she died, but her death killed off any last desire in him to live.

In 1997, I released the album Daddy's Little Girl, which finally outed the brutal truth about my father, which had been kept secret by his family of enablers for far too long. I will probably write much more about him as time goes on, but for now, I'm am pasting here a small essay I posted on Facebook this week that was a reaction to the Vanity Fair article, the link for which is posted below.