What I Share With Caroline Guiliani

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

This week, the daughter of Rudy Guiliani, Caroline Rose, posted an article in Vanity Fair to encourage readers to vote for the Biden/Harris ticket. That was the headline, but it was the bulk of the story that got to me, as Caroline Guiliani has a carbon copy of the toxic relationship I had with my own father, who passed away in August of old age. He was 89, and when my mother died two years ago, he never got out of bed again and basically waited for his heart to stop. He was already very ill when she died, but her death killed off any last desire in him to live.

In 1997, I released the album Daddy's Little Girl, which finally outed the brutal truth about my father, which had been kept secret by his family of enablers for far too long. I will probably write much more about him as time goes on, but for now, I'm am pasting here a small essay I posted on Facebook this week that was a reaction to the Vanity Fair article, the link for which is posted below.


I relate to every single word here that Caroline Rose Guiliani says about her father in this incredible and very eloquent essay.

My dad passed Aug. 23, and by the time he died, this once proud union leader in the Newark Fire Department, who was living an extraordinarily comfortable life due to the collective bargaining he so boldly led years earlier, was now calling unions "communistic" because of his 24/7 viewing of Fox News.

Countless friends and acquaintances talk about how they no longer recognize their family members anymore due to Fox, but my dad had jumped on that propaganda train long before Fox came along. The network simply took him over the edge in a rather literal way, meaning it successfully found the route within him that at last made him vote against his own best interests... the interests he once fought so hard to secure for himself and for his fellow firefighters--the guys he loved so dearly who so bravely laid their lives on the line every day during the decades that Newark was burning to the ground.

Just like those Americans who want to pull up the immigration ladder now that it's behind them in order to prevent others from following their own American dream, my dad in his final years no longer thought of the brotherhood of today's firefighter. He got his; those who come after be damned because, after all, they're communists.

I didn't bother challenging my dad on that horrific comment as he was just too old by then, and a fight would have left my mom with a raging husband as I walked out the door. I had stopped arguing with him about anything political years earlier for that very reason...to protect her.

But Caroline and her father are both young enough to still fight, yet she's old enough to know that her words will go nowhere with him. I understand that heartbreak all too well. I'm glad she spoke out in Vanity Fair. Let another Trumpist parent feel the sting of truth from a daughter far more heroic than her father.

Sadly, tho, people like Rudy never do feel that sting, nor do they feel regret, remorse, shame or empathy. Perhaps worst of all, Caroline knows that her father feels no pride in her having written such a courageous essay, which anyone can see is her final cry to break through to him, even tho she knows it's futile.

And therein lies the heartbreak of it all, both in our broken families, and in our broken country.


The link to the article is here. If you would like to comment, kindly scroll to the very bottom of this page.

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